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  How To Setup a URL Redirect at



The best way to insure success in selling or leasing your domain name or website is to do everything you can to make it as visible as possible. You can enhance the effectiveness of your listing by redirecting all requests for your domain to your listing here at Best of all it's quick and easy to do, just follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Note that these instructions are for those of you with domains registered through ( is not associated with or affiliated with in any way). If your domain registrar is something else - Godaddy, ResellerClub, Network Solutions, etc. - the steps you take will not be exactly the same as these, however they should be somewhat similar. Contact your registrar if you need further assistance.

  • OK, Let's Get Started!

Before we begin be sure to have the redirect address for your listing. To get this click My Listings and click the 'Edit' button for the domain you wish to forward. Your redirect URL will be displayed near the bottom of the page and will look like '' where '999999' is your domain ID.

Now that you have your redirect URL...

  • 1) Login to your Namecheap account.

  • 2) Click the 'Menu' button and select 'Manage Domains'.

  • 3) Under 'Your Domains' click the domain you are listing.

  • 4) Look in the left column. If you see a heading titled 'Host Management' skip to Step 7. If not continue on to Step 5.

  • 5) Click 'Domain Name Server Setup'.

  • 6) Tick the option that says 'Use Namecheap Hosting DNS Servers' and click 'Save Changes'.

  • 7) Under 'Host Management' click 'URL Forwarding'.

  • 8) Enter the redirect address provided for your listing (from the bottom of your listing page) in both 'IP ADDRESS/URL' boxes. Set the 'RECORD TYPE' to 'URL Redirect' and the 'TTL' to '8400' for each.

  • That's It! You're Done!

Now all Internet requests to your domain will be automatically redirected to your listing page, thereby increasing the odds of a successful sale.

  • Questions?

Hopefully we have answered any question you may have about redirecting your listing. If we haven't we welcome you to contact us.

Happy Domaining!


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