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 offers a unique approach to leasing and buying domain names and complete websites. Give us a chance and you'll see why we like to say "It's just that easy!".

  • No Commissions - Ever!

Unlike 'domain brokers' and other domain sites, charges no commissions on your domain sales or leases. So no matter if your domain sells for $100 or $100,000 you pay only a small flat rate listing fee. This could save you hundreds - even thousands of dollars in commissions!

No commissions to buyers and no commissions to sellers. No commissions to lessors and no commissions to lessees. No commissions period. That's the no-commissions way!

  • Easy to Sell. Easy to Lease.

For domain and website owners, our goal is to help you sell your domain name in as little time as possible, and for as low a cost as possible. That's why we've worked hard to develop a website that's both easy to use and highly effective at getting your domain names and websites out there and seen by the world. As an added bonus we decided to offer domain owners the option of easy leasing capabilities for their domains and websites as well; a valuable revenue generating option for owners that is often completely overlooked.

For those looking to purchase or lease a domain or website we offer ease of use that's hard to beat. Simply browse through the listings offered in any of the categories presented on the left or use our convenient search function to find domains containing a specific word of your choice. When you find a domain or website you are interested in, simply click the 'Contact Owner' button to communicate directly with the domain owner. It really couldn't be any easier. And, never charges any fees to domain purchasers or lessees.

  • Listing Fees

If you are looking to purchase or lease a domain or website there are no fees. No fees and no commissions, ever.

For domain and website owners wishing to list a domain or website for sale or lease we operate on a low-cost flat fee schedule. Primarily there are three types of listings available. These are:

  • ) Domain or website for lease
  • ) Domain or website for lease with a buy option
  • ) Domain or website for sale

The names are somewhat self-explanatory. When you list your domain or website you will be presented with a drop-down list containing these options so you can choose the one that's appropriate for your domain or website listing.

Take special notice of the Lease with Buy Option. Selecting this option lets domain shoppers know that you are open to the idea of both leasing the domain or website and/or selling the domain or website. This has the potential to appeal to the widest number of shoppers. Something worth considering when placing your listings.

Because the owner and lessee/purchaser communicate and deal directly with one another, both are free to work together and establish whatever terms are suitable to both parties with regard to the transfer or lease. By listing your domain or website on you aren't locked in to using only a set of pre-established terms or conditions like is commonly found when dealing with domain brokers. That's because you are actually selling or leasing the domain or website, not us. We simply provide an ad listing service. In other words your sale - your terms.

The flat fee you pay for your listing will vary depending upon which selection of these three choices you make. The listing types displayed above are listed in order, with the lowest flat rate listed first. So, looking at the list, you can see that listing a domain or website For Lease has the lowest flat rate, followed by listing a domain or website as a Lease with Buy Option. Lastly, listings of domains or websites that are just For Sale have the highest flat rate. Of course, even our 'highest' flat rate is designed to be much, much lower than you would typically pay elsewhere in commissions alone. Plus, by listing with us, there are no lengthy contracts or exclusive agreements to enter into.

Our current flat rate pricing can be found here. We offer convenient payment options by credit card, debit card, and Bitcoin.

  • What are Credits?

Credits are the form in which all listing fees are paid. As shown above, each of the three listing types requires a different flat rate fee. These fees are paid in credits.

Once you have created an account (if you haven't already done so, do it now- it's Free!) simply login to your account and click the 'Add Credits' button at the top of the page. Here you will be able to see the total of any credits currently in your account and purchase additional credits to suite your listing needs. A complete breakdown of all features and pricing in credits is also provided.

Credits purchased at never expire. When you buy credits, you have the option to purchase as little as a single credit, or purchase multiple credits at a lower cost per credit. Purchasing multiple credits may be a good idea if you have many domains or websites that you wish to sell or lease, as the more credits you purchase, the more money you can save. And with multiple credits you can use the credits you need now and the rest of your credits will remain ready for use in your account at any time without expiration.

Credits can also be used for things such as making your listing a Featured Listing. Featured Listings receive additional promotional consideration, making it the ideal way to market higher end domains and websites.

To make your listing Featured, simply login to your account and choose 'My Listings' to edit an already existing listing, or 'Add Listing' to create a new listing and set the 'Featured' drop-down to 'Yes'. Featured Listings are displayed randomly in the lower portion of the left hand column of every page on this site, as well as on a special Featured Listings page.

And, while we're on the subject, be sure to checkout our current Featured Listings here.

  • Questions?

Hopefully we have answered any question you may have about our services and fees. If we haven't we encourage you to check out the About page, and our TOS page.

And if you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy Domaining!


With there are no lengthy contracts to sign. No 'exclusive' agreements to enter into.

And there's never any charge to buyers or lessees.

Just a small flat fee for owners to list a domain or website on our site. It really is just that easy!